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News is the eyes, ears and mouth of past, present and analysis of future facts. It is the only evidence on records and tells about past and present historical, political, social, cultural facts. Knowing updated news became a way of life. Without news people can not know and live what is happening around the world from time to time. News guides and awakes the Government to discharge it's moral responsibility and also bring awareness to the people of all ages in all fields. It maintains social responsibility and fullfill social awareness.   It has no boundries, religion, cast and creed and it maintains world as one family. With experienced and under the guidance of  Senior Journalist Kuna Mahender a web portal named manatelanganaa.in Portal presents update international, national and local news. This portal is committed for accurate  news and shall bring confidence to the people on all kinds of news. This portal works within  the constitution of india and shall maintain freedom of expression and freedom of speech and stand for people. It maintains journalists freedom of expression without any fear and any partiality.

Long walk in web journalism -FROM 2014

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